Holistic Education - Culture - for true empowerment.
by Dr Ambika Kameshwar

I recently came across a quote by Swami Vivekananda where he says ,'We all know in modern times of nations which have masses of knowledge, but what of them? They are like tigers, they are like savages, because culture is not there. Knowledge is only skin-deep, as civilization is, and a little scratch brings out the old savage. Such things happen; this is the danger......but something more is necessary; give them culture. Until you give them that, there can be no permanence in the raised condition of the masses'

I was thinking about the past 28years of the RASA journey and was Indeed happy that RASA has taken care of , and is taking care of , an extremely important aspect of complete education - that which most often cannot be focused on by regular academic institutions due to the demand of meeting their 'syllabus completion' deadlines and many such constraints - yes , you have understood right - it is complete cultural education and inclusive empowerment .

RASA empowers through direct exposure to our ancient cultural heritage in the form of dance , drama , music , story telling and arts & crafts . The experience of the same teaches and moulds . It fosters maturity and enables one to have a completely new view of life .

It could well be said that with just academic education an individual will not have the opportunity to be well grounded in one's traditions and deepest connects . A superficial existence without the experience of the essence of life and living could well result from a life not exposed to the culture and traditions we so importantly need to connect with .

The fact remains that culture education is even more important in today's day and age when a majority of individuals in society are having a condition which we can clearly term as 'culturally challenged' .How many children of today's generation can boast of getting a 10/10 in a 'surprise' quiz related to our traditions and culture.This is the gap in our education system that needs to be bridged with an urgency that would require our immediate and complete attention.

It gives me immense joy to recognize that RASA is the agent that fulfills the requirement of helping an individual overcome any given challenge and meet life's demands in the manner fit. RASA's motto of providing cultural Education to all without disparity is surely the need of the hour and RASA looks forward to continue being the magical influence that transforms lives and provides joy & fulfillment beyond compare

RASA's new venture - the web channel , which brings culture directly to your homes and phones , will go a long way in fostering this .

Stay tuned , Stay rooted , Stay connected , Stay empowered ....with RASA