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We welcome you to register with our By registering with us, you will receive periodical updates to your registered email, about our web TV programme and other programme of RASA. You will be able to submit contents for relaying in our web TV, at a reasonable cost. We are propose to introduce royalty programme for regular visitors and subscribers to our programme. We look forward to your participation in our endeavor to promote, popularize and take the Indian Fine Arts to every people across Globe!
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Registration Fee:

All the Shows except Azhagu malargal, Aadi Varum Pookal and Paadi Varum Pookal costs
Rs.2000/- and for NRIs $30 for every ½ hour slot of webcast.
Azhagu malargal, Aadi Varum Pookal and Paadi Varum Pookal costs
Rs. 800/- and for NRIs $12. Duration of Webcast- 10 minutes.
Cultural News
Rs.300/- and for NRIs $4. Duration of Webcast- 3 minutes.

General Rules:

The Videos could have been taken in the past or can be shot on mobiles/handy cams. The quality of audio and video should be good.
The Videos should not exceed the stipulated time limit.
Please attach the required documents wherever it is asked for.
All the videos once uploaded will be screened to assess the quality and content. Confirmation and webcast schedule of each video will be sent to the participants after the approval from the panel board of RASA Web Channel.
The Payment must be made within three working days of confirmation.
The Participants must wear traditional attire in their videos.